ODT2HTML --- odt to html translator.

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Purpose: convert texts from OpenDocument format (odt) to html.


 <taskdef name="odt2html" classname="ua.gradsoft.odt2html.Odt2HtmlAntTask">
<pathelement location="${odt2htmlhome}/odt2html-1.1.jar"/>
 <target name="html"> 
<odt2html input=”doc/mydocument.odt” output=”doc/mydocument.html />

Dependencies: JDK-1.6 (can be compiled to 1.5 or 1.4 if needed)

If you use automatic dependency resolvers, than you can use next artifacts descriptions:

and store our artifacts in you repository.

Notes: ODT2HTML itself is based on ODFTools from opendocumentfellowship.com: It is less or more direct translation of appropriative perl script to java. Also some internal code is derived from book “OASIS OpenDocument Essentials by David Eisenberg.

License: GPL

Author: <Ruslan@Shevchenko.Kiev.UA> Grad-Soft Ltd.

Source distributive: http://odt2html.gradsoft.ua/files/odt2html-src-1.1.tar.gz;

Just jar: http://odt2html.gradsoft.ua/files/odt2html-1.1.jar;